Shonandai MY Gallery〔Tokyo〕
Room C Shuhei Tominaga  Room D Kaori Furuhashi▼

Kaori Furuhashi
― Protean Kid―
12pm~7pm(5pm on the last day)

A constellation consists of the stars existing so far from one another
History is told as a relation between the events happened in separate periods
From different directions different sights appear
Living things, such as I and that animal, breath and replace the atoms inside and out
I see our contours are shaking a little bit
So I cannot draw a clear outline
On a canvas I am free to put any colors and shapes next to each other
Colors are flowing, reflecting, mixing, twining and sometimes being alone
They are not so talkative but bring me some faint bodily sensations
To represent such an abstract sense
I paint and collect the feelings like “It appears to be one thing, but maybe not…”
(Kaori Furuhashi)