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Makiko Azakami
ー Desire ー
12pm~7pm(5pm on the last day)

What do you visualize when you think of family?
What does a “normal family" mean?
Where do you find one?
Many people might be thinking that a family is supposed to get along.
My mother raised her children saying, "You won't go wrong if you do what I tell you."
and "If you don't listen to me, terrible things will happen."
Because I was raised this way, my judgement was always colored by the thought, “How can I please my mother?" I couldn't think for myself, I was always questioning what my mother would think and learning to act as she wished. This habit stayed with me throughout my adulthood.
Confucianism, typical in Eastern Asia, is widely followed in Japan. The majority of us think it is terrible to criticize our parents! I felt guilty for not being able to like my mother. I couldn't answer simple questions like, “What do you want? What do you want to do? Where do you want to go?” I just followed her orders, and didn’t think critically for myself. That kind of life is suffocating. Whether the oppressor is a mother, a family, society or the nation, the results are the same.
I want to put the end to this. Instead of following what I was told, I know now that it’s OK to be true to my feelings and desires.
Desire, the complex love-hate relationship among family members, the odious behavior between women. . . my large-scale jewelry symbolizes all those things.
The theme of this show is "Desire".
I want to be true to my own desires.