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Shonandai Project
Shonandai MY Gallery × Minami Art
Satoshi Saitoh
12pm~7pm(5pm on the last day)

Trees are a familiar subject to me as my father runs a plant nursery named “Ryuka-en”. HYPERLINK "" \o "Tree" Trees have played an important role in Japan, and have been given sacred meanings throughout the ages. Based on tree worship, I inherit the mind of “Ryuka-en” as second generation and I try to do “Uekiya-hyogen”.*①
To carve a tree or to dig a tree
To set a tree or to plant a tree
To exhibit a tree or to deliver a tree
All sorts of elements are connected each other. Also our native culture, life of creation, emotions, phrases of society and considerations are intertwined, so a scene is created.
In this exhibition” Kinosei”*②, my works mainly represent ambiguity and nostalgic memories. You have moments that bring back memories of relationships or conversations in your childhood. In such moments, you have indistinct feelings like you are wandering in the fog. But if you face the particular moment, the fog clears. You awaken with nostalgia and now have various emotions. As for me, I find trees in specific places in these moments. I represent that awareness.
*① Nursery worker's expressions through sculpture
*② This term has two different meanings, “in one’s imagination” and “a spirit that lives in a tree”
(Satoshi Saitoh)